Services to Public

(a) The details of Officers appointed as public Information Officer/Appellate authority in the Stationery and Printing Department are given in Contacts.

(b) On request from the Public, notifications regarding change of name, change of religion, etc., are published in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette. A sum of Rupees 750/- is collected (including postal charges) for this. Now change of name is also published in Tamil. Fee for change of name is Rs. 150/- is collected (including postal charges).

For those who are born outside the State of Tamil Nadu

Duly Certified copy of the Ration Card/Passport/Voter Identity Card/Residential Certificate from Tahsildar shall be enclosed.

Change of Initial, Name due to adoption

Duly certified copy of registered adoption deed to be enclosed

Change of name due to Divorce

Duly certified copy of judgement copy to be enclosed

For Change of Religion

The original Religious conversion / reconversion certificate issued by the Religious Authority or a certified copy of it should be sent with this proforma for reference.

 (c) Public Interest Notifications like Land Acquisition Notification, Orders of Industrial Tribunal, etc., are Published in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette.

 (d) Sales Wing for Government Publications is functioning at 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2. Tamil Nadu Government Gazettes, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Bulletin, Service Register, District Census Handbook, Rules, Codes, Manuals, etc., are sold to public.



 Address for reference

The Assistant Director (Publication), Directorate of Stationery and Printing, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-600 002.


 How to apply

Forms are supplied at free of cost. They may be obtained from the above address either in person or through post. Furnishing the correct details called for on the rear of the format helps to publish the change of name in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette early.


How to obtain copies of the Gazette

The person who remits the correct amount as specified in the format will be supplied to their address with five copies of the part of the Gazette wherein the change of name has been published. For obtaining further copies, the Assistant Director, Publication Depot.Chennai - 2 may be contacted.

Note: Gazettes are retained for a period of one year only for sales. Hence, people are requested to get the required number of copies as soon as they are published.


Payment of Charges for Notification

 Payment towards advertisement charges as specified on the rear side of the application form may be remitted at the cash counter at the Office of the Assistant Director (Publication), Directorate of Stationery and Printing, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2 on any working day between 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. and obtain the receipt for the same. The amount may also be remitted in the form of a crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Assistant Director (Publication), Directorate of Stationery and Printing, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.


Working days / Working hours
For Payment of cash

 Monday to Friday

10.00 a.m. to 01.00 pm

02.00 p.m. to 03.00 p.m


For any suggestions and Complaints

The Assistant Director (Publications),
110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.

While Contacting in this connection please mention the correct address, Cash receipt number or Demand Draft Number and date.



On account of the complaints received from the public in receiving the application forms and thereafter in remitting the advertisement charges, delay in getting the publication and as well as published copies, the issue of forms and receipt of advertisement charges was brought under the direct control of Directorate of Stationery and Printing, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2. Further, the applications received from Monday to Friday are being published in the next Wednesday itself without omission and error as a motto to serve better to public.


Tamil Nadu Government Gazette


Officer to be contacted

Assistant Director (Publications), 110, Anna Salai, Chennai - 2


List of subjects published in the Gazette

It serves as a bridge between the Government and the public. Notifications and orders of interest to the public issued by the Government, land acquisition notifications, industrial tribunal awards, orders on levying/revision of taxes, orders of Social Welfare Schemes, etc., are published in the Gazette.

3. Details of parts and sections of Gazette:---


Part I

Notifications or orders issued by Secretariat Departments regarding Promotion and Dismissal of All India Services. Condolence, appointment of Magistrates, Notifications regarding, Portfolios Change among the Honourable Ministers.


Part II - Section 1  




Notifications or orders of specific character or of particular interest to the public issued by Secretariat Department, etc., changes in Fiscal levies, excise duties, sales tax or regulations of distribution of essential commodities. Tamil Nadu Land Reforms Act, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, Irrigation from Dam, Public Holidays Declaration.

Part II - Section 2

Notification Regarding Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, Exemption from tax, Indian Stamp Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, Traffic Points of Police Station, Industrial disputes, Tamil Nadu Protection of Interests of Depositors, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Award Police Department, Tamil Nadu Forest Act, Indian Christian Marriages Act, Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act Variation of Master Plan, Official Secrets Act, Indian Made Foreign Spirits Manufacturer Rules, Land Acquisition Act, Tamil Nadu Universities Act, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Act. etc.,


Part III-Section 1(a)

General Statutory Rules, Notifications, Orders, Regulations, etc., issued by the Secretariat Departments, e.g., Amendments to Chennai Pharmacy Council Rules.

Part III - Section 1(b)

Services Rules including Ad hoc Rules and Regulations and Notifications issued under the provisions of the Constitution of India, e.g., Amendments to Special rules for state and Subordinate services.

Part III - Section 2

Statutory Notifications and Orders issued by the Heads of Departments.


Part IV - Section 1

Tamil Nadu Bills.

Part IV - Section 2 Tamil Nadu Acts and Ordinances.
Part IV - Section 3 Central Bills.
Part IV - Section 4 Central Acts and Ordinances.


Part V - Section 1

Notification of Public (Elections) Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.

Part V - Section 2

Election Notifications by Heads of Departments.

Part V - Section 3

Decision of the Governor of Tamil Nadu under Article 192 of the Constitution of India in regard to question of disqualification of member of the Legislature.

Part V - Section 4

Notification of the Election Commission of India.


Part VI - Section 1

Notifications issued by Heads of Departments, which are of interest to the public. Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies Act, Registration and Cancellation, Tamil Nadu Urban Land Ceiling & Regulation Act, Land Acquisition, Town and Country planning multi-storeyed building Notifications - Judicial Notifications - Tamil Nadu Medical Council Election - Appointment of Election officer.

Part VI - Section 2

Notifications issued by the Heads of Departments, which are of interest to a Section of the public. District Collectors - Tamil Nadu Panchayats Act - State Election Commission Notification - Removal of Panchayat Chairman, Tamil Nadu Legal Services Notification - Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission - Government Examination Loss of Certificates.

Part VI - Section 3 (a)

Notifications issued by cost-recoverable institutions of State and Central Government. Judicial Notifications - I.P. Notices - State Port Trust - Tamil Nadu Wakf Act.

Part VI - Section 3 (b)

Notifications issued by Quasi-Government Bodies and Public Sector Undertakings. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board - University Authorities Reports.

Part VI - Section 4

Change of Name both (Tamil & English) by individuals, Advertisements by Private individuals and private institutions, Notifications under Company Law.

7. Procedures to get Gazette


Details of Subscription

The Subscription for the supply of full Gazette or for requisite parts/sections of the Gazette is accepted. The subscription is accepted for a period of 6 months and more. The period of subscription will commence from the first day of any month succeeding the payment of subscription.


Procedure to get copy of particular Gazette

People desirous of getting any particular Gazette may contact the Assistant Director (Publications),  Government Publication Depot, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.

Note: Gazette copies are not retained for sale for more than one year. Hence, people are kindly requested to obtain the copy immediately after publication to avoid disappointment and inconvenience.


For any suggestion/ complaints

Assistant Director (Publications), 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.
Telephone No. 044 – 2852 0038, 2854 4412, 2854 4413

    1. Sales of Tamil Nadu Government Gazette Publication, etc.,

Sales Depot Address

1. Government Publication Sales Wing, 
110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.

2. Government Publication Sub-Sales Depot,
Government Branch Press, High Court Buildings,
Chennai-600 104. 

The Sales of Publication in the depot, the period of retention
for sales are given in the following table:




Details of Publication.


The period of retention for Sales.



Syllabus for Government Examinations, District Gazettes, District Handbook, Census Statistical Handbook, etc.

10 Years or release of new books whichever is latest.


Tamil Nadu Government Orders (English and Tamil) Manuals, Revenue Standing Orders.

7 Years.


Miscellaneous Publications.

5 Years.


Budget publications, Handbook on Five Year Plan, Indian Law Reports (Chennai).

3 Years.


Publications relating to Departments Annual Administrative Reports, Handbook on Tamil Nadu Information and Tourism Reports, Tamil Nadu Government Gazettes, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Bulletins.

1 Year or till the stock lasts whichever is earlier.


Working hours of the Sales Depot.

10.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. in all Government working days (Monday to Friday)

For Change of Name and payment:
10.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. 02.00 p.m. to 03.00 p.m.

Officer to be contacted to get the particulars about the Publications.


Assistant Director (Publication),
Government Publications, Sales Wing,
110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.

For this purpose a staff is engaged for giving the particulars through phone or post.

Contact Telephone Nos 044 - 2854 4412
044 - 2854 4413
044 - 2852 0038
Extn. 51

Method of getting the publication through post.

People desirous of obtaining the publication may obtain the details of availability, their cost and postage, etc., from the Government Publication Depot and then send the required amount in the form of crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of Assistant Director (Publication), Government Publication Depot, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.

While sending Demand Drafts, please furnish the details of name of the publication required, number of copies, your full postal address, nearest railway station, this office letter No. and date, etc.


There are also some authorised agents in the City and Mofussil for selling the Government Publication.

Government of India Publication.

Constitution of India, a Government of India Publication is also sold at this Government Publication Depot.

Other Government of India Publications can be had from Sales Emporium, Publication Division, Rajaji Bhavan, Besant Nagar, Chennai-90.

For any Complaints or suggestions.

Please feel free to write to the Assistant Director (Publication), Government Publication Depot, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.


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