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Activities of the Department

Printing works of the following items required by the Government Departments in the State are being executed by this Department:--


Forms and Registers;

Debates of Legislative Assembly;

Reports of Committees;

Budget Documents;

Confidential Documents;

Handbooks of various department and

Weekly Gazettes.

How to get Govt. Publications on free of cost?

The books and publications are supplied on free of cost to all Govt. Offices including Secretariat Departments. The Heads of Departments may obtain a special Government Order with the concurrence of Tamil Development Religious Endowments and Information Department, Chennai-9 for the free supply of required Publications.

How to get Govt. Publications for a newly created office

In G.O.Ms.No.876, Social Welfare Department, dated 19-9-1970, the following books are supplied to newly formed Govt. Offices only on free of cost by Director of Stationery and Printing, Chennai-2.

1. Fundamental Rules.

2. Manual of Special Pay and allowances.

3. Budget Manual.

4. T.N. Account Code

5. Pension Code (Pension Rules)

6. T.N. Service Manual.

7. T.N. Treasury Code.

8. District Office Manual.

9. Glossary of Administrative terms

10. G.P.F. (Tamil Nadu) Rules.

11. T.N.Financial Code Vol.I

12. T.N.Financial Code Vol.II

13. Government Servant Conduct Rules.

14. General Administration Manual.

The Heads of Departments are requested to furnish their requisition for the supply of reference books, only in respect of newly sanctioned offices along with the following Certificate.

"Certified that this indent has been forwarded only in respect of newly formed Office for which supply of reference books has not been made previously".

 Lists of Stationery items Supplied to Govt. Department on free of Cost.

The lists of stationery items supplied to all Government departments on free of cost are given below.

1. Cream wove white paper 61x 86cm 19.7 kg

2. Cream wove white paper 61x 86 cm 15.7 kg

3. Cream wove white paper 43 x 61cm 7.9 kg

4. Unbleached paper 61x86 cm 15.7 kg

5. Brown cartridge paper 62x88cm 24.6 kg

6. Duplicating paper 21.5 x33.5cm 2.6kg

7. Mainfolding paper 21.5x30.5cm 1.08 kg.

8. 1/4th margin unruled sheets

9. Vertically ruled sheets

10. Horizontally ruled sheets

11. Typewriter carbon paper 29.7x42cm(P)

12. Typewriter carbon paper 29.7x21cm(P)

13. Pencil carbon paper 29.7x21cm

14. Pencil carbon paper 29.7x42cm

15. Typewriter carbon paper 29.7x42 cm(B)

16. Typewriter carbon paper 29.7x21cm (B)

17. Bound Note book 4 qr.

18. Phone Note book

19. Prescription Note book (200 pages)

20. Prescription Note book (400 pages)

21. Ink tube for Gestetner duplicator (E/o)

22. Ink tube for Gestetner duplicator (H/o)

23. Stencil paper for G.D.

24. Blotting paper

25. 1/3rd margin unruled paper

26. Flat file cases urgent (Red)

27. Flat file cases special (Blue)

28. Flat file cases yellow flap

29. Flat file cases ordinary

30. Emblem sheets A4 size.

31. Typewriters

32. Duplicators

Whether, the old publication shall be replaced by a latest edition. If so, elucidate the procedures involved therein.

Reply:- As and when the publications are received for stock and sale, they are being sold in Sales Counter when a particular publication is out of stock books are reprinted after getting approval of Govt. At the time of reprinting, if any amendments are issued, that will be included in the latest edition.



1. What are all the items being (Forms and Registers) supplied to a Government Department on free of Cost?

Common Forms and Register, Tamil Nadu Treasury Forms, Tamil Nadu Financial Code, Medical Forms and Pension Forms, Departmental Forms and Registers are supplied to all Government Departments free of cost.

2. What are the items being supplied to Government Departments/Undertakings, etc., on payment?

Standardised Medical Forms and covers in different sizes are being supplied to E.S.I. hospitals on pre-payment basis. Forms are supplied on payment to the Central Government departments and cost recoverable Departments including Boards and Corporations.

3. Procedure to get the same?

The cost of forms is recovered direct or debited to the department concerned. The indents are sent direct to the Press and are complied with as received. But it is more economical for the offices to send only annual indents.

[Para 62 (vi) Madras Printing Manual Part I]

4. How to place a printing order for a newly introduced form/office?

The following procedures are adopted to place a printing order for a newly introduced form/office.

(i) Government Order is required for the formation of a new office.

(ii) Government order is obtained for standardizing a new form by the departments concerned and the same will be communicated to the Commissioner of Stationery and Printing through Government with the concurrence of Information & Tourism Department. Each new firm shall be given a serial number in the standard list with particulars as to the size and description of paper etc. to be used, such additions to the numbers being intimated to the Press and to the officers or heads of departments concerned.

(iii) Details regarding the number of sub-offices and staff particulars are called for.

(iv) Pattern of the forms, matter, sizes, kind of paper and style of binding are sought for in respect of department forms.

5. How to make changes in the existing forms?

Forms, as a rule, are standardised by Government and any alterations, in or additions to them, require the sanction of the same authority. Heads of departments and other offices are authorised to sanction modifications in existing forms or the standardisation of new forms for offices subordinate to them.

(Para 63 Madras Printing manual I)

6. What is meant by Standardised forms?

Standardised form means.

(a) General forms, on biennial indents when the number required does not justify printing more frequently.

(b) General forms on triennial indents, if the number required warrants it.

(c) General forms on quinquennial indents, if the number required warrants it.

Form special to a department or common to two or more departments or offices for supply on annual indents to certain offices as Units of consumption or for further distribution where necessary.

(Para 62 Madras Printing Manual I)

7. What is meant by non-standardised forms?

Forms not included in the sanctioned list of standardised forms and required only temporarily and not periodically and when the form could not be treated as biennial or triennial or quinquennial by the heads of Departments are non-standardised forms.

(Para 90 Madras Printing Manual Part I)

8. Is there any fixed norms for printing forms to a particular department? if so please elucidate.

Standardised Departmental forms Special to a department, or common to two or more departments or offices arranged in groups according to their nature and supplied on annual Indents to certain offices as Units of consumption or for further distribution where necessary.

(Para 62 (ii) Madras Printing Manual Part I)

To enrol a transport contractor to this Department details are furnished below:

1. Open tenders have been floated through paper advertisement for appointing the transport contractor for a period of one year and those who are willing to participate may furnish their tenders before due date.

2. On the due date the tenders received will be opened in presence of the tenders and the job will be entrusted to the tender who offers lowest rate.

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