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Gazette issue number : 19
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1. Part I Notifications or Orders regarding first appointments, investiture of magisterial powers, etc., issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • 2. Part II-Section 2 Notifications or Orders of interest to a section of the public issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • COMMERCIAL TAXES AND REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT-Indian Stamp Act-Amendment to Notification
  • HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE DEPARTMENT-Tamil Nadu Anatomy Act.óDeclaration of the Government Karur Medical College Hospital
  • HIGHER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Bharathiar University Act
  • HOME DEPARTMENT (SC)-Award of Correctional Service Medal for Meritorious Service
  • HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT-Tamil Nadu Regulation of Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants Act.
  • LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT-Labour Courts for Adjudication
  • 3. Part III-Section 1(a) General Statutory Rules, Notifications, Orders, Regulations, etc., issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION AND WATER SUPPLY DEPARTMENT-Amendments to the Rules relating to the Governing the Post of Zonal Officers in Greater Chennai Corporation
  • 4. Part III-Section 1a-T-Sup General Statutory Rules, Notifications, Orders, Regulations, etc., issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • 5. Part VI-Section 1 Notifications of interest to the General Public issued by Heads of Departments, etc.
  • GENERAL NOTIFICATIONS-Variation to the Approved Kailasanathar Koil Area Extension Detailed Development Plan of Kancheepuram-Variations to the Approved Review Master Plan for the Tiruchirappalli
  • JUDICIAL NOTIFICATIONS-List of C.P. Cases Liable for Destruction in Labour Court, Cuddalore
  • 6. Part VI-Section 3(b) Notifications issued by Quasi - Government bodies and Public Sector undertakings.
  • TAMIL NADU TRANSMISSION CORPORATION LIMITED-General Construction Circle-II, Chennai Erection of Transmission Lines
  • UNIVERSITY AUTHORITIES-MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI-Election of two Members each to the Standing Committee on Academic Affairs and Syndicate
  • 7. Part VI-Section 4 Advertisements by private individuals and private institutions
  • PRIVATE ADVERTISEMENT-Change of Names-Notice
  • 8. Part II-Section 1 Notifi cations or Orders of specifi c character or of particular interest to the public issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • PUBLIC DEPARTMENT - Declaration of Census of Population of India during the year 2021
  • REVENUE AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT - Revenue Administration - Jurisdiction
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