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Gazette issue number : 12
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2. Part II-Section 2 Notifications or Orders of interest to a section of the public issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • COMMERCIAL TAXES AND REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT-Indian Stamp Act.–Provisions for the consolidation of Duty chargeable in respect of issue of Insurance Policies by the National Insurance Company Limited
  • HIGHWAYS AND MINOR PORTS DEPARTMENT-Acquisition of Lands-Errata to Notification
  • LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT-Minimum Wages Act-Industrial Tribunal for Adjudication-Labour Courts for Adjudication
  • 3. Part III-Section 1(a) General Statutory Rules, Notifications, Orders, Regulations, etc., issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT-Amendments to the Minimum Wages-Amendment to the Maternity Benefit Rules, 1967-Amendments to the Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund Rules, 1973-Amendment to the Tamil Nadu Industrial Establishments
  • 4. Part ?I-Section 2 Statutory Notifications and Orders issued by Heads of Departments.
  • CHENNAI PORT TRUST-Chennai Port Trust (Licensing of Stevedoring and Shore Handling) Regulations, 2019.
  • 6. Part VI-Section 1-T-Sup Notifications of interest to the General Public issued by Heads of Departments, etc.
  • Cancellation and Registration of Societies
  • 7. Part VI-Section 2 Notifications of interest to a section of the public issued by Heads of Departments, etc.
  • 8. Part VI-Section 4 Advertisements by private individuals and private institutions
  • Private Advertisements-Change of Names-Notices
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