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Gazette issue number : 1
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1. Part I Notifications or Orders regarding first appointments, investiture of magisterial powers, etc., issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • PUBLIC DEPARTMENT - (Special-A) - Transfer - Appointment
  • 2. Part II-Section 2 Notifications or Orders of interest to a section of the public issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • Environment and Forests Department - Tamil Nadu Forest Act:—Declaration of Bommidi Forest Block Pappireddipatti
  • HOME DEPARTMENT - The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.–Appointment of certain officials as Special Public Prosecutors for conducting cases - Award of the President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service
  • LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT - Employees State Insurance Act:—Exemption to T.N. Abdul Kader Noor Sait Beedi Company, Tirunelveli - Minimum Wages Act:—Revision of minimum rates of wages-Industrial Tribunal for Adjudication-Labour Courts
  • 3. Part III-Section 1b Service Rules including Ad hoc Rules, Regulations, etc., issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • PERSONNEL AND ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS DEPARTMENT - Amendments to the Fundamental Rules - Amendments to the Special Rules for the Tamil Nadu Secretariat Service
  • 4. Part VI-Section 1 Notifications of interest to the General Public issued by Heads of Departments, etc.
  • General notifications-Comprehensive Variation Confirmed Puthur road West extension Detailed Development Plan of Tiruchirappalli Local Planning Area
  • JUDICIAL notifications-Adjournments of Civil and Sessions Courts in Tirunelveli District for Vacation and Holidays during the year 2018 etc.
  • 5. Part VI-Section 2 Notifications of interest to a section of the public issued by Heads of Departments, etc.
  • Government Examination s / Educational Officers - Loss of Certificates
  • 6. Part VI-Section 4 Advertisements by private individuals and private institutions
  • PRIVATE ADVERTISEMENTS - Change of Names and Notices
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